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A Guide to Architectural Homes

A Guide to Architectural Homes

The affluent community of Ono Island is nestled on a breathtaking barrier island at the mouth of Perdido Bay in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Ono Island is less than six miles long and is highly prestigious and sought-after. There is only one guarded bridge entrance for cars at the southwestern end of the island.

Life on Ono Island is endlessly tranquil and luxurious. Residents have exclusive access to the island community, giving it an ultra-private atmosphere. The pristine coastline is home to some of the most gorgeous views along the Gulf of Mexico. The incredible amenities on the island include piers, marinas, and private athletic facilities. The island does not allow for any commercial entities, keeping it peaceful and quiet. Residents can easily reach lively areas like Orange Beach and Gulf Shores via boat or car for quick access to upscale restaurants, boutiques, and golf courses.

Ono Island homes and their architectural styles are distinctive. With designs ranging from coastal contemporary to Mediterranean, the Ono Island architectural styles are varied and opulent. Many of the homes are equipped with private boat slips, perfect for docking your leisure or fishing vessel. Whether you plan to buy a home or purchase land to design your custom dream property, keeping an eye on architecturally significant elements will ensure your home stands above and beyond.

Architectural styles of Ono Island

Ono Island homes are the peak of style and affluence, boasting plenty of architectural charm. The most popular architectural styles vary greatly, allowing buyers and builders to customize their homes to fit their lifestyles best.

Coastal traditional

Coastal traditional, or a beachfront style, home is one of the most popular on Ono Island. These raised beach homes evoke the relaxed, luxurious vibe of waterfront living. Beachfront homes like these can be single or multi-storied and often feature several porches, decks, and balconies. Coastal traditional style homes typically have large windows that are designed to promise residents alluring views of the water. With open floor plans, raised-level living, and plenty of outdoor space, this style is perfect for Ono Island living.

Notable features of the Coastal traditional architectural style include:
  • Raised main and living levels
  • A home set on a pier or pile foundation
  • Dormer windows
  • A covered main entryway
  • Wide porches, decks, and balconies


Homes built in the Mediterranean architectural style draw inspiration from the homes of Spain, Italy, and Greece. Mediterranean homes are often characterized by stucco walls, tile roofs, and arched entryways. Many of these properties feature covered decks and open-air courtyards in a central area. Windows in these homes tend to be arched and are large for fantastic views of the island.

Notable features of the Mediterranean architectural style include:
  • Light stucco walls and dark tiles roofs
  • Expansive outdoor living spaces
  • High, airy ceilings
  • Spacious open floor plans
  • Expansive, arched windows and doorways

Creole cottage

Often called the Acadian or Creole cottage style, this style was popularized in the New Orleans area by early settlers hailing from France and Canada. This style combines elements of French and Spanish homes with strong influences from the architecture of the Caribbean. Typical features include a raised home with a rectangular frame as a nod to the warm, humid climate of the region.

Notable features of the Creole architectural style include:
  • Rectangular, single-story structures
  • A steep hip roof
  • A raised foundation with columns or bricks
  • A long, covered front porch
  • Windows with decorative shutters

Contemporary coastal

Contemporary coastal homes blend the aesthetics of a beachside estate with modern design elements, gracing the Ono Island real estate scene with beauty and elegance. These homes feature clean lines, natural materials, and lots of open space. The Contemporary coastal style is often characterized by high ceilings and grand windows, serving to make the space feel more open and airy.

Notable features of the Contemporary coastal architectural style include:
  • Open floor plans
  • Expansive, floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Multi-level living
  • Moderate to shallow-pitched roofs
  • Natural materials on exterior structures
  • A simple exterior ornamentation

How to choose an architectural style

A uniquely designed home is a true paradise, as it sits above and beyond standard builder houses. Architectural style brings together form and function to design a living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and ideal for daily life.

Homes that have been specially designed with architectural style and function in mind have perfectly blended the need for beauty and purpose. An architect begins by taking the lot, land, and climate into account to create a home that fits the space perfectly. The design takes factors like the slope of the land, the shape of the lot, existing neighboring structures, and sightlines to any views into account when working out the ideal architectural style of a home.

Architectural homes are fully customized, taking into account the owner’s wants and needs versus a standard build plan. This can include ideally sized living and working spaces, spacious professional kitchens, and in-home fitness facilities. On Ono Island, many architectural homes include large windows or wide, covered decks for great views of the water. Many luxury home sites on the island also include docks or piers, boat launches, private pools, and guest houses. All of these features can be designed to fit perfectly within the overarching style of your home and the luxury lifestyle you seek.

These design-forward homes are perfect for owners who want their property to stand out from the crowd. With an eye on style and livability, architecturally significant homes are the perfect Ono Island luxury investment.

Your Ono Island real estate team

Purchasing a home or vacation spot on luxurious Ono Island is a fantastic venture. Life on the island is the epitome of affluence and tranquility. With such a varied architectural scene, buyers are sure to find a home that perfectly fits their lifestyle and personality.

An expert real estate agent can help you navigate the process of purchasing a luxury home. From searching for your perfect property to connecting with architects and contractors, an agent can make the entire transaction as easy and seamless as possible.

Leigh McPherson and her expert team can help you navigate the Ono Island real estate landscape. They have years of experience helping buyers find their dream homes along Alabama’s gorgeous shoreline. Whether you are looking for a new place to call home, a vacation destination, or a retirement spot, Leigh and her team can guide you toward your goals.

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