A Local's Guide on Things to Do in Ono Island

A Local's Guide on Things to  Do in Ono Island

Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, Ono Island is a private community known for its beautiful beaches, waterways, and natural surroundings. It is also home to a variety of recreational activities, such as swimming, fishing, boating, and golfing. For nature enthusiasts, the things to do in Ono Island cannot be beat, and it’s home to a number of state and local parks with opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.
Staying occupied on and around Ono Island is never a problem if you know where to look. With plenty to do both on the island and in the immediate area, it is easy to see why residents love their Ono Island homes. Read on for a list of ideas to get you started down the right path on things to do in Ono Island.

Take a private boat tour

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When it comes to getting out and about, nothing beats heading out on a cruise to see dolphins or booking a private charter to explore the waterways around the island. Need more action? Take a kayak tour and get an up-close view of all that Ono Island has to offer.
Surf's up Dolphin Cruises guarantees its customers a personal experience with the gulf coast's friendliest natives. With trips running between one and two hours, customers can depart for evening or daytime cruises. Or go to Orange Beach and check out The Fun Boats. Their two-hour cruises, as one of the things to do in Ono Island, take the water experience to another level. With dolphins, water fights, and interactions with a variety of marine life, this is a must-do experience for families with children.
Also check out Sea View Tours for self-guided tours to Bird Island in completely transparent kayaks that provide a perspective like no other. If you prefer something a bit less physically demanding, they also offer boat and jetski rentals. If you prefer to have the option for guided or self-guided, Littleheads Kayak Rentals runs tours to several uninhabited islands. They also provide information about marine life preservation and kayaking instruction for those not yet initiated. If you prefer to simply head out on your own, they also have regular kayak and paddleboard rentals.

Visit a state park

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Ono Island real estate sits right at the center of a collection of state parks in both Alabama and Florida. To the west, Gulf State Park provides plenty of recreational opportunities, including a swimming pool if you want a break from salt water swimming. The park also surrounds Lake Shelby, with 900 acres of freshwater for boating, water skiing, swimming, and fishing. There are also plenty of hiking opportunities - another thing to do in Ono Island, via trailheads to the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail.
Heading east into Florida as you leave Ono Island, one of the first things you will encounter is Perdido Key State Park. While much smaller than the other options, the white sand beaches and rolling dunes make this park a favorite for swimming, sunbathing, and surf fishing. Nature lovers can also keep an eye out for the wildlife that calls the park home, such as nesting shorebirds, sea turtles, and the Perdido Key beach mouse.
Farther to the east is another area for things to do in Ono Island, the Big Lagoon State Park which has a wide variety of habitats to explore, from saltwater tidal marshes to pine flatwoods. And they’re filled with an equally broad variety of wildlife. The best time to visit the park is often during spring and fall migrations, when wood warblers, ducks, sandpipers and black-bellied plovers stop at the park. Don't have any binoculars with you? Just ask a ranger to let you borrow a pair.
Keep heading north a little farther, and you will reach Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park. This 4,000-acre preserve is home to a variety of endangered plant species, including the carnivorous white-topped pitcher plant. With a number of hiking options and a boardwalk that lets you explore the bayou with dry feet, this park continually offers new adventures.
As a final option, just south of Big Lagoon State Park you will find the rare gem that is the Gulf Islands National Seashore. There are not a lot of beaten paths beyond Johnson Beach, but either trekking on-foot five miles or taking a boat will bring you to the former site of Fort McCree and a number of historical markers.

Hit the courses or soar above it all

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Designed by PGA golfer Jerry Pate in 1979, the Perdido Bay Golf Club can offer a nice break from exploring the area. The course is situated on over 200 acres and features well-manicured fairways and greens, as well as several water hazards that come into play on many of the holes. Known for its challenging layout, the course has several difficult par 3s and a number of long par 4s and par 5s.
If you would rather fly through the air, things to do such as parasailing excursions around Ono Island typically run between 15 and 30 minutes, with different companies offering packages that include photos and other options. Chute 'Em Up Parasail runs a small fleet of boats and takes off from the beach just west of the Caribe Resort. Not much further west, Parasail Sky Surfer lets family members from ages four and up participate and has both two-seat and three-seat sailing options.

The local perspective on Ono Island real estate

Having the perspective of someone who knows the area well makes all the difference when it comes to making the most of your time and having things to do around Ono Island. And this experience carries over to Ono Island real estate transactions. A qualified, experienced real estate agent such as Leigh McPherson is an essential part of ensuring you find the home that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.

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