The Only Online Home Search Resources You’ll Ever Need

The Only Online Home Search Resources You’ll Ever Need

Buying a home is a major life decision you will almost certainly have to make more than once. If you're in the market for a new house, you'll want to work with a realtor who is committed to helping you find and close your new home. While looking for a house, Leigh McPherson is devoted to the finest service possible.

We'll take you step-by-step through purchasing a home in this tutorial. We'll provide links to online home search resources for your house search, so you don't have to do it alone.

Mortgage calculators

Using a mortgage calculator, you can get an idea of how much you'll owe each month and other related expenses. Many individuals still believe that a 20% down payment is required to get a mortgage; however, this is no longer the case. Many homeowners put less than 6% of their home's worth on their purchase.

Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required if you pay less than 20% of the home's worth until you've paid at least 20%. A federal FHA loan (depending on your income) will not require you to pay PMI. A single premium option is available for those who don't want to deal with monthly payments.

A few of the most helpful mortgage calculators are:

Making a down payment

You may wonder how to arrive at a sensible down payment in the first place. People come up with all sorts of inventive solutions to gather the supplies they'll need in the end. For a down payment on a new house, you should take into account all of the following questions:

  • Do you have a 401(k) or another employer-sponsored retirement plan? First-time homebuyers may take out cash without incurring a penalty.
  • How much money do you save for items like vacations or new cars? Is it possible to use those monies for the down payment?
  • Do you own anything else you don't need as much as your first home, such as a boat, snowmobile, or power tools? Consider putting them up for auction.
  • Do you receive a yearly bonus at work that you may use toward purchasing a house?
Many individuals utilize their retirement savings as a down payment on a home. The "vested balance" in your employee retirement account will tell you how much money you may borrow.

Online resources to assist in your home search

Regarding our duty as consumers, we've gotten used to exploring the web for answers, particularly in a world driven by technology and information at our fingertips. We've become accustomed to looking at homes for sale online rather than going to brick-and-mortar establishments, and that comfort extends to purchasing a property. What are the many types of websites out there? Is there any information you can rely on?

Find a home first before making a purchase. That much is self-evident. Your chances of finding a seller open to offers are better if you know someone selling. Make an offer on a house if you don't already have one.

Once you've determined your budget, it's time to start looking for a house. The following are a few top real estate websites to use while looking for a house.


The interface of Trulia is unique. The map will be grayed out, and the pricing will be shown in blue on the right. You may view a house picture by hovering your mouse over the price. And if you'd want to learn more, go here.

Real estate agents in your area may be found on Trulia.

Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow down the results to properties that fit your criteria. Using the map, you may zoom in and out to look for properties in any neighborhood or region of interest.


is a real estate database like Trulia that allows you to search for specific kinds of property. People looking for houses use this site often since it provides a wide range of options for searching, including price, location, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and the number of days it has been on the market. Real estate listings sometimes include the name of a real estate agent who can be contacted for further information. The most excellent feature is that each listing has a lot of photographs. When it comes to a searchable real estate database on the go, Zillow is unbeatable.


Designed as a "classified ad" website, Craigslist is a viable place to browse for just about everything, including houses for sale. Before Trulia and Zillow, Craigslist was the most used search engine for finding foreclosed homes. While there are credible listings by realtors who use the site as a second location to publish their ad, you'll discover many for-sale-by-owner houses on Craigslist.

You should use Craiglist cautiously, and listings with no images or just rudimentary details should be avoided at all costs.

has long been the most popular real estate search website, even before the rise of the likes of Zillow and Trulia. To begin, you'll see the site's standard listing layout when looking for a particular location. You may, however, switch to a map view similar to Zillow's by selecting "Map" in the top right corner of the screen.

Most of the filters are the same, and it's practically identical to Zillow in every way. In some instances, distinct properties may appear on both sites, although most listings are pulled from the same MLS database. That means you can't go wrong regardless of your chosen site. Real estate listings may be found on this site, which the official national association of realtors runs.

Their database is obtained directly from the MLS (multiple listing service) every 15 minutes. In addition, you'll learn about current home improvement trends, how to determine the market value of your house, and other helpful real estate tools.


Foreclosures, rentals, for sale, and rent-to-own listings are all sections of the real estate search engine HomeFinder. To save money on your first house, you may want to consider acquiring a foreclosed property, but you should be aware of the hazards. Rent-to-Own is a viable choice if you can't come up with a down payment immediately. Saving money while making an offer on a property is possible with this method.

After finding a property, you may wish to do some study on its past!

Making your offer for a home

You've finally discovered a home within your budgetary limits. To close, you know how much money you'll be bringing in. It's now or never to make a bid. There are two ways to do this. When selling a property, a simple method is to get in touch with a real estate agent working for the homeowner.

On the other hand, if you locate an available home on Craigslist or hear about it from a friend, you may make an offer immediately. When homeowners save up to 10% of the purchase price on realtor fees, they may be more inclined to haggle on price without the help of a broker. To complete a deal, you need to get a formal purchase agreement signed by both the buyer and the seller and submit it to your mortgage agent.

Buying a property without the assistance of a realtor may seem daunting, but the mortgage lender does the bulk of the legwork. Having a skilled mortgage agent by your side will ensure that you are well-versed in every step of the homebuying process. You'll also save a lot of money on realtor costs.

Find your home with the help of an experienced real estate agent

Work with a reputable and knowledgeable real estate developer. If you're interested in houses for sale in Orange Beach, townhomes in Orange Beach, or Orange Beach condos, speak with one of the area's top real estate professionals. Leigh McPherson is the most outstanding real estate agent to work with if you want to purchase a house in those locations.

The best real estate agents make finding a property much more straightforward. Look no further than Leigh McPherson and her real estate team for your next home purchase. For Leigh McPherson, it's not just about helping clients purchase or sell their homes; it's about being a part of their stories as they come to fruition. We aim to provide our customers with a high level of service by communicating clearly, strategizing, negotiating effectively, knowing the region well, and adding a dash of flair and elegance to the process.

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It is an honor to not only help dozens of clients buy or sell their properties but also see so many of their stories play out and get to be a part of writing a chapter. We strive to always take care of our clients with thorough communication, strategic negotiation skills, local contacts for specialized professions, area knowledge, as well as a touch of style and grace.