Which Paint Colors Suit Your Home?

Which Paint Colors Suit Your Home?

Perdido Key, which is Spanish for “Lost Key,” is a private oasis located on a barrier island on the western edge of Florida. This island is home to views of the Gulf waters and white sand dunes, which residents can enjoy from world-renowned parks like Johnson Beach and Gulf Islands National Seashore. Those looking for Perdido Key real estate will love its relaxing lifestyle and outdoor allure.

The color of a property has a large impact on the style and energy of a home. For help on how to choose paint colors for your home and understanding what colors suit your Perdido Key home’s architectural style, a room-by-room breakdown of color theory, and exterior shade suggestions, read on.

Colors for your home’s exterior

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Your home’s exterior color depends on more than just personal style. Part of Florida’s allure is its year-round warm weather, which dark colors absorb. To maintain a cool home, it’s best to go with a light color because it will reflect the sun’s rays. Although dark colors may be a current trend, colors that will remain appealing in the future, like grays and beige, can be better long-term options.

Another thing to consider when choosing your paint colors for your home’s exterior are the rules of your neighborhood. Many luxury communities have an HOA that regulates the colors residents can paint the exteriors of their homes. Be sure you’re not breaking any rules, as you could end up having to paint your home exterior twice. Unofficial rules, like neighbors’ exterior color trends, are another way to judge which shade to choose.

Great neutral colors for Perdido Key homes include white, gray, and beige. White is ideal for keeping the heat out, and it matches any roof color you choose. Gray provides a modern look and beige is a timeless classic. If you’re into color, stick to subtle shades like a pale blue or green for an ocean look. For people into darker and richer shades, navy blue or maroon are cool and warm color options that complement Perdido Key’s surroundings.

Colors based on home type

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Another aspect to consider when choosing a paint color for your home is the home’s architectural style. Buyers searching for Perdido Key real estate will notice a variety of home types, although some of the most popular in Florida are coastal contemporary, Spanish style, and Mediterranean. The following is a breakdown of what these home styles look like and which colors complement their designs.

Coastal contemporary

Coastal contemporary is one of the most popular home styles, found along coastlines like those in Perdido Key. Buyers love these home types for their open floor plans, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows. This sleek look allows plenty of sunshine to light large open rooms and provides unobstructed views of the nearby ocean or shore.

As coastal contemporary homes are known for their beachside location, when choosing paint colors for your home with this property type it's best to use shades that complement the surrounding nature. To keep things modern, choose light colors like white, sandy gray, or a light beige. For some, color choices like light blue or seafoam green maintain the oceanside oasis energy. Or for something bolder, a sunflower yellow is a standout choice for homes on the beach.

Spanish style

Another popular home style found along coastlines and out of the main cities are spacious Spanish style homes. These homes feature design elements from the Moorish Revival and Spanish Baroque, while blending ideas from the American Arts and Crafts movement. What results is a style featuring flat roofs, clay tiles, small balconies, and stucco walls.

Choosing paint colors for homes with the natural architectural style of Spanish homes lends itself to earthy neutrals that match stucco and terra cotta, such as yellow, brown, and orange. Warm tones also create an atmosphere that’s inviting and positive. Those looking to achieve a more contemporary take on this architectural style can also choose colors like light blue, green, or neutrals like gray or white.

Mediterranean architecture

Mediterranean architecture borrows many of the same design elements as Spanish style architecture, which may be why both are popular choices for buyers searching for Perdido Key homes. Alongside stucco walls and low-pitched roofs, these home types also include elements like arches, iron detailing on balconies, parapet walls, and symmetrical and large facades.

The timelessness of Mediterranean architecture makes it suitable for many different color options. Choosing a paint color for your home to have a more natural look that’s cohesive with the coastal environment, neutral colors with warm undertones like a sandy brown or yellowed lace are good choices. For a look that really pops, select vibrant colors like rich gold, pale pink, or sky blue.

Colors for each room

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Color choices will depend on the mood and atmosphere you intend to create. In the kitchen, bright warm colors like orange, red, and yellow create an inviting energy, while cooler colors like blue and green form a relaxed ambiance.

When painting a living room, the classics like gray, cream, and white, accented with wall art or sculptures, create a luxurious environment. For something more inviting, use rich colors like red and yellow accented with green and brown.

When choosing a paint color for your home, think about colors carefully for areas you’ll spend a lot of time in, like the master bedroom. Neutrals are typically best for bedrooms, but also consider your personal tastes and account for how you’ll use the room.

Ready to paint your home?

Painting your home is a large project and it’s important to know what you want, as well as what works with your home’s style and location. If you’re searching for a Perdido Key home to call your own, decorate, and paint, contact trusted agent Leigh McPherson to guide you through the process.

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