Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

Marketing your property online is crucial in this digital age, with roughly 99% of homebuyers between the ages of 23 and 56 doing their research online. While taking pictures of your home yourself may seem like a money-saving idea, advertising online requires finesse and an artistic eye. A professional considers your home's best lighting and layout so that your advertisement showcases the beauty and perks of your home.

Stunning photographs catch people's attention and encourage them to see the house in person. Without online pictures, the perfect buyer could scroll past your listing. Maybe someone likes the specifications of your property, but the blurry images taken too late in the day can make it appear dark and cluttered. Prioritize your marketing efforts when selling luxury real estate.

Staging and decluttering are very important, and hiring a professional to photograph your home is worth the investment. Whether it's an Orange Beach condo or Ono Island real estate, selling your seaside paradise should be quick and easy. Here are a few reasons professional photography can decrease the time your home is on the market.

People are visual creatures

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Your luxury seaside condominium or spacious home could take longer to sell without thoughtful promotional content. Most people need to be drawn in with impressive imagery before reading the home's specifications. Real estate listing websites can be oversaturated, making first impressions very important. Homes are more likely to sell, and sell faster, when professionally photographed.

After you depersonalize and declutter your home, find a photographer who specializes in real estate photography. They have experience working with lighting, capturing the depth of rooms, and optimizing each shot of your home. You might not notice the streaks on a mirror or an out-of-place chair, but a professional photographer will point out these areas for improvement. When people look for homes online, they often make decisions based on the pictures, making great photographs an integral part of selling your house fast.

Reach more buyers

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You can hope someone drives past your Orange Beach condo or Ono Island house for sale and sees the for-sale sign, but an online advertisement with professional photographs will reach more people. Advertising to more people can lead to more offers, and you can potentially increase what you earn from the sale. Most homebuyers won’t consider a listing that doesn’t include images.

With an online advertisement, you are also reaching out-of-town buyers who may rely heavily on clear photographs before committing any time or money to see the home. For people requesting listings from their agent, those agents will appreciate great pictures. Going the extra mile and obtaining professional images of your home will increase online foot traffic.

Increase your home's perceived value

With multiple real estate listing websites, homebuyers and real estate investors might be sifting through many listings depending on how wide of an area they are searching. Standing out on these platforms is integral to selling your Ono Island real estate and obtaining an offer on the higher end of what you expect.

Investing in staging and photography can contribute to how your home’s value is perceived. When your advertisement features photographs that are magazine-worthy, your asking price is more likely to be met or surpassed as more people are interested in it. This increase in interest for your home could even lead to an offer over the asking price or attract the highly coveted cash buyer.

If you are still in the research stage, try looking at homes online that match the specifications of the property you are selling and see how well each listing does over time. You might notice that listings with high-quality images leave the market faster. Overall, the images of your Ono Island real estate or Orange Beach condo should be your best foot forward to attract high-end buyers who can match your price.

A critical marketing tactic

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The images are an essential feature when it comes to real estate listings. Professional photographs lead to more clicks on your advertisement, more offers, and a higher return on your investment. Marketing professionals know the importance of using quality images to show off your product, and this rule extends to real estate. Put yourself into the buyer's shoes and look at several listings in your area before putting your home on the market. Are you interested in listings with two or three blurry images of the house?  Or do you enjoy clicking through the polished slideshow that takes you through the spacious rooms of a seaside home? You will most likely find that quality visuals are essential when searching online.

Work with an experienced agent

If staging your home, hiring a photographer, and advertising online sound time-consuming or confusing, work with a professional real estate agent with the connections and the know-how to coordinate the effort. Surrounding yourself with an adept team and an experienced agent is a first great step in selling or buying your home. There is a lot involved in marketing luxury real estate, and working with experienced representation will expedite the process.

Leigh McPherson is a top agent along Alabama’s Gulf Coast, and she consistently guides clients to the closing table. She is licensed in Alabama and Florida and can help you buy or sell your home in the area. With strong negotiation skills and extensive market knowledge, she goes above and beyond to safeguard her client’s interests.

If you are selling your luxury home — or looking for Ono Island houses for sale or homes for sale in Orange Beach — contact Leigh McPherson for a stress-free experience

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